Just a quick landscaping update for everyone:

1). The landscaping around the pool has been updated. The new look is clean and sleek.  This should be easier and less expensive to maintain during pool season.

2) Three trees were taken down along Pretty Walk Ln.  This was done under the advice of our landscaping company.  The trees were overgrown and were beginning to threaten to buckle the sidewalks. Their removal will help the growth of grass and protect the integrity of our sidewalks. The area now has a clean new look to it.

3) Two tree were taken down and replaced with sod on the north median of North View Blvd, again under the advice of our landscaper. The plants under the trees were competing for sun and nutrients, giving us a sloppy appearance.  The landscaper still needs to clean up the area, hopefully this will happen soon.

4) We also placed sod in two downed tree areas. These trees fell during storms.

5) The willow tree on the right at the main entrance has died. This happened abruptly, and the landscaper is not sure what killed the tree.  An estimate is being obtained for its removal and replacement with sod. We are also obtaining estimates for additional tree removal along Harbor Walk Ave.(approx 3-4 trees). This is again to maintain sidewalk integrity, improve grass growth and hopefully improve water views.  Hopefully our budget will have room for this. The board realizes water views are important. Topping these trees will ultimately result in their death.

We hope everyone enjoys the new look!

Harbor Walk Board

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